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Meet Stephanie Ko Canada

Account Executive | Tech | Large enterprise

What made you choose to participate in the mentorship program over anything else you could have done? 

I have participated both as a mentee and mentor for a number of different programs throughout my education and career, but I was especially impressed with the Mentoring Women in Business Program. This opportunity was my first time engaging in a "virtual" mentorship program that allowed me to be connected with an entrepreneur on the other side of the world. I deeply enjoyed being able to share a bond with my mentee who I would have otherwise likely never met. It was a very rewarding and fulfilling experience to learn about my mentee's business, be exposed to her culture, and gain a better sense of the business community in her local environment. My mentee also has an extremely inspiring personal story and I felt so grateful to be able to support her in her journey. 

What is one key takeaway that you have learned from the mentorship program? 

Even though I was a mentor in the program, I learned so much from working with my mentee. She is an incredibly hardworking, tenacious and resilient person - it was a privilege to be able to get to know her and her story, and to make a positive impact on her business venture.  

If you were to recommend this mentorship program to someone, what advice would you give as a mentor or as a mentee? 

This is a wonderful program for anyone who is looking to support up and coming entrepreneurs in a way that is both flexible and enriching. First, I liked that the program was virtual so that my mentee and I could arrange our meetings around both of our schedules. It never felt too burdensome to make time to chat and I looked forward to our conversations.  Second, being able to meet an entrepreneur from the other side of the world was deeply fulfilling as it allowed me to learn about another culture and the nuances of business in another part of the world.