Human Resources

hrYour company is competing for workers with other enterprises in the Philippines and with international companies. How can your business find the workers it needs to keep the doors open and meet production requirements? How will you find and retain the most reliable and productive employees for your SME? The time and attention you put into people not only makes your business run better, it builds your reputation as a good company and a good place to work.


hr1You will attract different types of potential employees depending on where you post your recruitment notices and what type of information you include. How can you recruit the right people? First, consider where the types of employees you are seeking will be looking for work.

Traditional Recruitment Methods

Here are some traditional recruiting options with advantages and disadvantages.


New-Technology Recruitment Methods

Cellphones and social media have changed the way people look for work and the way SMEs find their team members. Following are some new-technology recruiting options and their advantages and disadvantages. Which ones are right for your business?

new tech

What Information Do You Need to Have Ready for Recruiting?


You can find recruitment tips from Manila Recruitment here.

11 Sources to Drive Traffic to Your Job Listings here.

Best practices for sharing a job posting online: How to promote jobs on your company LinkedIn page.

Best practices for recruiting via social media: How to recruit on social media.

Online Recruitment

hr2Where are your potential employees? They are probably online, so that is where you need to be to find them. To help you connect, recruitment websites are very popular. Your posting will have hundreds of viewers daily, for free.

Recruitment websites

Top 10 job posting sites in the Philippines from

  1. Indeed
  2. Glassdoor
  3. Google for Jobs
  4. Pinoy Jobs
  7. OnlineJobs PH
  8. Jora
  9. Craigslist Manila

Other top recruitment sites in the Philippines:

Staff Retention

staff retention

Lessons Learned

hr3The DTI has collected a database of MSME success stories. Here are some examples:

  • SGE Variety Store (formerly Head to Toe). SGE Variety Store is located at the Façade portion, Royal Duty Free, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is currently producing handcrafted fashion accessories (e.g. bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and anklets), bamboo products, and wood products, (e.g. wood frame, wood pencil holder, coconut husk lamp)
  • Ako Babaeng Katutubo ng Olongapo (ABKO). ABKO started in 2014 as a group of indigenous marginalized women and their families. They reside in Sitio Mampueng-Limuran, Iram, Sitio Tralala and New Cabalan in Olongapo City. Being economically disadvantaged made these women participate in providing for the basic needs of their families. Indigenous women individually produce the traditional handicraft in their tribal communities. The handicrafts are made of indigenous materials gathered in the forest, like rattan, bamboo, cogon grass, tree barks
  • The Passion and the Fashion: Almira’s Beadswork Story. Almira suffered hardship as a domestic helper in a foreign country. Upon her return to the Philippines, she decided to start her own business. She started to make beaded bags and accessories. Her sales volume has been growing and she now has her own market outlet in San Jose City
  • The Highlander Cottage Industries and Woodcraft Rural Worker’s Association (THCIWRWA). The amount of local wood wastage and their own expertise in wood crafting inspired the rural workers of Palayan City to organize an association, focusing on woodcrafts and cottage industry. In 2015, THCIWRWA qualified as one of the beneficiaries under the Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Project of the Department of Trade and Industry

Other Examples:

  • Antique MSMEs receive DOST technical assistance. The Department of Science and Technology (DOST VI) through the Antique Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) provided technical assistance under its Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) to six local Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The SETUP program provides technical assistance designed to upgrade production facilities and technology
  • The Bila Rural Development Club” (BiRD) Club. Realizing the potential of the coffee industry in Bauko Mountain Province, a group of young women decided to start a coffee processing venture
  • Mary Ann’s Souvenir and Gift Shop. This business was established in 1992 with an initial capitalization of PhP100,000 and four employees. It now employs 12 regular workers and 10 contracted workers. Over the years the business’ owner, May Ann Tacio, attended trade fairs and training workshops that helped develop her business

Software for HR Management

Human resource management is a challenge for businesses, especially when expanding and adding staff. Software can help.


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