Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that 36% of women in Peru are entrepreneurs? Besides directing their own business, these women manage 12% of exporting companies in the country.

Existing socio-economic and health barriers disrupt women’s entry into the business. This prevents them from growing their business. In rural and high poverty areas, women have a lower possibility of getting into the city; in general, they have more limitations, and it is not easy to find financing options. In some circumstances, the fear of not being ready prevents women from moving forward. Historically, women gendered roles in family planning prevent them from advancing in their careers or starting their business.

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Overall Trends

  • Female entrepreneurship and economic independence reduces Gender-female violence

Commonly Identified Barriers

  • Machismo culture
  • Gender discrimination
  • Limited access to training and information
  • Remote location with limited access to business services
  • Fear of not being ready
  • The lack of public policies for autonomy of care, which allow women to have more time to devote to productive tasks.
  • The lack of a gender approach in education, which makes co-responsibility and equity in household difficult tasks.

Opportunities, Approaches, and Initiatives

FONCODES (Social Development Cooperation Fund) generates sustainable economic opportunities for families in rural Peru that face extreme poverty. This program encourages entrepreneurship and helps reduce exclusion processes.

Proyecto Salta: a countrywide training program focused on female entrepreneurs.

Resources for Women in Peru

Nesst investments in Peru focuses on social enterprises that integrate innovation, technology and sustainable practices to create jobs and earning possibilities for people in need.

Kunan is the platform that promotes social entrepreneurship in Peru.

Mujeres del Pacifico inspires, motivates and guides women to economic development and entrepreneurship opportunities. This international organization specializes in female entrepreneurship.

Aequales is a social enterprise that provides consulting services to transform organizations through gender equality and diversity.

Laboratoria is a coding academy that focuses on Peru’s underused pool of female talent and provides young women with opportunities to launch tech careers.

Proyecto Salta is a countrywide training program focused on female entrepreneurs. Salta includes seminars, mentoring, and other resources.

Women Empowerment is association of women entrepreneurs.

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