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Today's changes in technology enable online marketing tools to adapt quickly to meet the changing demands of customers. Customers will research and compare products on the internet, and often buy without ever seeing the product or talking to a salesperson. Instead of being limited to local shops, customers can easily order products from all over the world.

Email and social media have become the most popular channels for businesses to promote their products. Yet not all businesses take advantage of these channels to attract and engage with customers and generate sales volume.

Digital Marketing Principles

Digital Marketing Principles


Craft a Marketing Plan

Craft a Marketing Plan


Learning More

learning more

Online Courses and Learning Resources

Google Online Marketing Challenge: If you are a digital marketing beginner and looking for online courses and real experiences, Google’s Online Marketing Challenge may be the right choice for you. Learners may use the digital marketing course as a self-study training guide.

WordStream’s PPC University: PPC University is a free, online, self-learning source. PPC stands for “pay per click,” a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is viewed.

Social Media Quickstarter: Social Media Quickstarter provides systematic lessons on how to use popular marketing channels.

Alison Diploma in E-Business: Alison is the world’s leading provider of free, certified, standards-based online courses.

Coursera for business: Coursera provides over 1,800 online courses from top American universities.

Crehana: Crehana is an online training platform for creative professionals that need training and education on graphic design, digital illustration, 3D modelling and motion graphics.

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