For most people who start small businesses, it is not easy to identify government agencies that assist new business owners in Peru. Furthermore, it is hard to keep track of the programs and resources offered. This toolkit contains five components, including links to reliable online sources of information that will help you start, operate and grow your social enterprise.

The first part of the toolkit identifies government agencies or ministries and the programs they offer that add value to MSMEs. Although some resources might tend to direct entrepreneurs down a prescribed path instead of allowing them to pursue their own passions, many will help them access financing, grants, training, mentorship and many other resources. The toolkit offers a brief description of the existing legal norms in Peru. These norms or laws have been changing over the years to align with both MSMEs and government policy. Getting familiar with these norms will allow your MSME to gain competitive advantage.

The third part of the toolkit offers insight on intellectual property from the Peruvian context. This section includes valuable information on relevant business processes like patent registration, business incorporation or registration, brand name searches and the registry of MSMEs.

The fourth part of the toolkit focuses on market access and export and includes Peru’s customs procedures, requirements for importing and exporting, guides, information about taxes and tariffs, a list of trade agreements, and a learning-more section.

Regarding financial technologies and Fintech, the fifth section of the toolkit provides MSMEs with information on crowdfunding websites, mobile payment applications, lending organizations, digital payments and e-wallet apps, personal finance tools, and links to municipal savings and loans banks.

Peruvian organizations that assisted with the development of this toolkit:

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