In the past, companies found customers by advertising in newspapers or magazines, sending mail, making phone calls, or attending trade exhibitions. Customers expected to try the product themselves and discuss it with a sales assistant before buying it. Today’s changing technology means that marketing and its tools have to change quickly to meet the demands of customers. Customers will research and compare products on the internet, and often buy without ever seeing the product in person or talking to a salesperson. Instead of being limited to local shops, customers can easily order products from all over the world.

Email and social media have become the most popular channels for businesses to promote their products. Yet not all businesses take advantage of these channels to attract and engage with customers and generate sales volume.

Digital Marketing Principles

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Craft a Marketing Plan


Learning More

m1Online Courses and Learning Resources

Online learning sites in Indonesia:

  • Ruang Guru is a one stop learning apps to help students in studying. The content the content is designed for elementary schools and high schools by master teachers and is compatible with the national curriculum.
  • Sekolah Koding is a website to learn how to coding.
  • Zenius is a learning website which provide exercises questions for high school students SNMPTN, SBMPTN, Ujian Mandiri.
  • Kelas Kita - claimed as a “knowledge marketplace” provides all kind of material from a very specific learning material to general knowledge.
  • Rumah Belajar KEMDIKBUD is a website provided by the Indonesian government which have many kinds of sources such as E-book, online laboratory, visual media, cultural maps, planetarium simulation, to online group discussion for students and teachers.

Online retailing for SMEs in Indonesia here.

Four-Step Marketing Framework for SMEs here.

ASEAN Online Academy for MSMEs here.

Free internet domain names:

The Communications and Information Ministry announced in 2016 that the Indonesian government would provide free internet domain names to about 8 million SMEs in all parts of the country until 2020.

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

Google Online Marketing Challenge

If you are a digital marketing beginner and looking for online courses and real experiences, Google’s Online Marketing Challenge may be the right choice for you. Learners may use the digital marketing course as a self-study training guide.

In addition, this course provides a unique opportunity: with a $250 AdWords advertising budget from Google, learners develop and run an online advertising campaign for a business or non-profit organization over a three-week period. This allows you to test your learning on a real-life campaign.

PPC University

WordStream’s PPC University

PPC University is a free, online, self-learning source developed by WordStream. PPC stands for “pay per click,” a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked on. PPC University provides lessons for both beginners and those who have experience in marketing, helping them build and develop digital marketing and PPC skills.

Learners can also access a number of webinars and white papers to enhance their learning.

Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course

Social Media Quickstarter

Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter provides step-by-step lessons utilizing the popular marking channels of social media and email. Through this online course, people can learn about marketing tactics used for popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. The lesson structure on this site is perfect for beginners, with components such as “Get the Guide,” glossaries, and practical examples of each lesson. In addition, learners can also find tips and blogs providing good marketing advice.


Alison Diploma in E-Business

Alison is the world’s leading provider of free, certified, and standards-based online courses, sharing high-quality skills and knowledge. The online learning community currently has more than six million registered users.

Among Alison’s thousands of online courses, the free Diploma in E-Business is a unique opportunity for business owners. It helps you enhance your digital marketing knowledge and skills, and increase your understanding of implementing a successful online marketing strategy. The course will show learners how to write ads that attract customers, choose the right keywords, budget for online advertising, and use Google tools (such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and more).


Coursera for business

Similar to Alison, Coursera provides more than 1,800 online courses from the top American universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Courses on Coursera usually span 4 to 12 weeks and require two to eight hours of studying time per week. In particular, many courses on Coursera have Indonesian subtitles.

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