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Your company is competing for workers with other enterprises in Indonesia and with international companies. How can your business find the workers it needs to keep the doors open and meet production requirements? How will you find and retain the most reliable and productive employees for your MSME? The time and attention you put into people not only makes your business run better, it builds your reputation as a good company and a good place to work.


hr1You will attract different types of potential employees depending on where you post your recruitment notices and what type of information you include. How can you recruit the right people? First, consider where the types of employees you are seeking will be looking for work.

Traditional Recruitment Methods

Here are some traditional recruiting options with advantages and disadvantages. 

traditional hr

New-Technology Recruitment Methods

Cellphones and social media have changed the way people look for work and the way SMEs find their team members. Following are some new-technology recruiting options and their advantages and disadvantages. Which ones are right for your business?

new tech

What Information Do You Need to Have Ready for Recruiting?

Business Development Bank of Canada recruitment guide for small businesses – here.


Human Resources in Indonesia

hr2Labour and Employment Law

Guide to labour and employment law in Indonesia

Indonesian hiring legislation

Need for more investment in human resources in Indonesia

Struggles in managing human resources in Indonesia

Secrets to effective recruiting:

Tips for Headhunters and Recruits in Indonesia here.

Tips on how to recruit in Indonesia here.

How to get attention with your online job posting:

  • An article by Susan M. Heathfield, at, describes ways of posting jobs online to maximize the chances of attracting talented applicants – the article can be found here.
  • An article by Kristina Martic, at TalentLyft, provides a guide for posting jobs that stand out and attracting qualified applicants – the article can be found here.
  • provides tips on how to write effective job postings – the tips can be found here.
  • Alexander Gutin at lays out five tips for driving more traffic to a job site – his article can be found here.
  • Samara Parker at lists five resources that can increase traffic to job posts – her post can be found here

Best practices for sharing a job posting online:

  • Dustin Robinson at the Hello Talent Blog lays out tips on how the effectively share jobs on social media – his blog post can be found here.
  • Christian De Pape at Recruiting Social has posted guidelines on how to promote jobs on a company’s LinkedIn page – his guidelines can be found here.
  • Lauren Dixon at Talent Economy has posted an online article on nine best practices for recruiting via social media – the article can be found here.
  • Padraig O'Connor has posted an article on the Social Media Week blog describing seven ways to best promote job opportunities on Twitter – the post can be found here.

Online Recruitment

hr3Where are your potential employees? They are probably online, so that is where you need to be to find them. To help you connect, recruitment websites are very popular. Your posting will have hundreds of viewers daily, for free.

Recruitment websites

Job Posting Sites in Indonesia (Quora)

Top 10 Job Posting Sites in Indonesia (Betterteam)

Staff Retention


Lessons Learned

hr4These are some examples of the start-up companies that have “graduated” from the BLOCK71 facilities and start-up support network in Jakarta:

Software for HR Management

Human resource management is a challenge for businesses, especially when expanding and adding staff. Software can help.

Some examples of HR software programs available in Indonesia:

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