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Meet Nguyen Thi Phuong Ha (Julia) Vietnam

Sales Manager | Production & Trading | Micro enterprise

What impacted you the most during your participation in the mentorship program? 

My one-year participation in the mentorship program has helped me a lot in my personal development and in my business. 

The connection and interaction between my mentor and I have helped me to balance my emotions and the stress that comes from my work. My mentor also helped me improve my leadership skills to ensure that I completed all of my work. In addition, my mentor also share with me some of her habits for good work life balance such as reading books, mediation, life planning and among others.  

My mentor also helped me to plan for my business through activities such as goal setting, how to lead meetings, and how to encourage employees. I am extremely grateful for my mentor as she has helped me overcome difficult challenges resulting in both personal and professional growth over this short year. 

What is one key takeaway that you have learned from the mentorship program? 

I would like to mention three takeaways that helped form a very good relationship between my mentor and I. Even after the formal mentorship program has ended, we still keep in contact with each other. 

1. Establish similarities and building a personal connection: During our first call, my mentor and I recognized that we have many things in common such as doing yoga, reading books, and other daily habits. Our ability to find common ground in the beginning was key so that we could build a relationship and better understand each other. 

2. Establishing a regular and routine meeting schedule: One important aspect of our meeting schedule was the set routine calls we planned for every week. In addition, my mentor was willing to call me any time if any challenges arose and I needed to speak to her. Although we had a time difference of 12 hours, we overcame this barrier by establishing a firm and committed routine to every meeting. 

3. Finding a personal and professional work life balance: In addition to our discussions about business, both my mentor and I often shared other aspects of our lives with each other. For example, we discussed self-improvement, what books we are currently read, and even sharing our knowledge of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

If you were to recommend this mentorship program to someone, what advice would you give as a mentor or as a mentee? 

As a mentee, I would recommend this program to my friends or anyone who has started their own business. Through this program, it has helped me improve my soft skills and my mental health, gain more connections and friends, furthered my knowledge that can improve my business and improve my English. The opportunity this program provides in providing a mentor that assisted me in following through with my plans turned my goals into a reality.