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Meet Carolina Vargas Peru

CEO | Tech | Micro enterprise

What was your favourite part of the experience participating in the mentorship program? 

My favorite part was getting to meet my mentor for the first time. She is a person with lots of professional experience and we developed an excellent understanding of each other. In addition, it helped me a lot to be able to speak with my mentor when issues arose. She was able to help solve very important issues for my startup. As a result, I was able to learn from my mentor and improve myself both as a person and as an entrepreneur. 

What is one key takeaway that you have learned from the mentorship program? 

The key lesson I learned from the program was how to better organize my technology team through a follow-up and feedback methodology. This allowed me to understand what is being done well within my business and modify other aspects that did not work as well and could be further improved. Above all, the program taught me to maintain constant communication with my team to avoid future issues from arising. 

If you were to recommend this mentorship program to someone, what advice would you give as a mentor or as a mentee? 

The advice that I would give as a mentee is to make the most of the opportunity that the program provides. This is a great opportunity to connect with people who can help you with any problems you or your business may be facing.