For most people who start small businesses, it is not easy to identify government agencies that assist new business owners in Peru. Furthermore, it is hard to keep track of the programs and resources offered. This toolkit aims to help entrepreneurs like you who are developing businesses in the Peru. Our goal is to enhance your competitive capacity with tools and resources you can access online. Specifically, this toolkit will help you learn about and find resources for:

  • Regulations and Policies
  • Legal Norms
  • Market Access and Exports
  • Financing
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Supporting Female Entrepreneurs
  • Impact Innovation

This toolkit has been developed by experts from Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, as well as Peruvian organizations listed below:

UTEC   ministry of production   ASEP   business boutique   aperhu

kunan   nesst   tekton   neo   comex

Saved Modules

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