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APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership Announces Project Advisory Committee

Published: January 8, 2021

The APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership (Partnership) is honoured to announce its new Project Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC convenes established experts, business leaders, and outstanding academics from across industry and sector to provide consultation on best practices that will inform the design, planning, and implementation of the Partnership's capstone activities, as well as assist in the creation of a post-sustainability plan for the Partnership. The PAC lends their expertise and experience to guide and support the Partnership in reaching its ultimate goal of building the potential of MSMEs in APEC developing economies to foster sustainable inclusive growth and poverty reduction.

The PAC meets on a monthly basis to provide valuable insights and input on the Partnership's final implementation year activities, including a capstone conference, a capstone policy paper, an online policy toolkit, and a post-sustainability plan once the Partnership formally concludes in 2021.  

List of PAC members:

  • Ms. Celina Agaton, Map the Philippines 
  • Mr. Kevin Chang, Kai Analytics 
  • Ms. Phebe M. Ferrer, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada 
  • Dr. Huynh Huy Hoa, Danang Institute for Socio-Economic Development (DISED) 
  • Mr. Justin Kwan, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
  • Dr. Elizabeth Newton, Newton & Company 
  • Ms. Efe Olokpa, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
  • Ms. Cristina Pineda, Global Affairs Canada 
  • Ms. Widya Sukarta, Innovation Factory 
  • Ms. Bui Thi Quynh Tram, Danang Institute for Socio-Economic Development (DISED) 
  • Ms. Cinthia Varela, KUNAN Peru