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Meet Rizki Triana Indonesia

Founder | Retail | Small enterprise

What surprised you the most about joining the mentorship program? 

I came out with practical knowledge from a mentor who worked in a different industry background and working environment. In my discussions with my mentor, I also was surprised to learn that internal business issues that are common in small businesses were also seen in other larger companies. Additionally, even though we are miles apart, I was able to build a very good relationship with my mentor through the virtual aspects of the mentorship program.  

What is one key takeaway that you have learned from the mentorship program? 

I think that it is very important to make sure that the mentor listens to the current conditions of their mentee on the first day, as this forms the key basis in helping develop the mentor’s plans for guidance and next steps with their mentee. Moreover, through the process I understood the helpfulness in setting a clear timeline and goals for the mentee to follow so that every discussion is focused. 

If you were to recommend this mentorship program to someone, what advice would you give as a mentor or as a mentee? 

Speaking from personal experience, I would suggest future participants in the program to be open-minded and eager to learn. It would be unconducive as a mentee if you are not open to new ideas, perspectives, or knowledge from your mentor. As previously mentioned, I was surprised to learn about all the similarities that small businesses and larger companies face – which further expanded my knowledge about the industry.